The Best Example

"Indeed in the messenger of Allah Muhammad ﷺ , you have a good example to follow." (Quran 33:21)

The prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent down to mankind as the perfect example. To live prophetically is to utilize the example of our beloved Prophet ﷺ in our daily lives and our every move as individuals and as a community. 

In the current world environment, many Muslims find themselves unable to hold on to their Muslim identity. They struggle to find Muslim friends who will help bolster them, Muslim families to engage with while raising their children, and communities that will support them in staying on the path to Jannah. 

The Prophetic Living initiative seeks to help individuals, families, and communities build themselves upon that perfect example that mankind has been gifted in the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 

By looking at the example of our Beloved ﷺ, we can better understand our goals and set proper intentions, allowing us as individuals to lead more intentional lives and function as healthy members of our communities.