Shaykh Yasir Fahmy

Founder, Resident Scholar

Shaykh Yasir began the study of Arabic and Islamic Sciences in his high school years under the guidance of local teachers. At the age of seventeen, he traveled to Amman, where he spent a year studying at the Islamic University of Jordan. He returned to the US and completed a Bachelor’s of Science from Rutgers University. After working in corporate America for three years in finance, he returned to the Middle East and enrolled in the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

After seven years of intensive study, Shaykh Yasir received a degree in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar and attained numerous ‘ijazas (independent certifications) in the subjects of fiqh, hadith, aqida, usul al-fiqh, sirah, tazkiyyah, mantiq, Arabic grammar (nahu), morphology (sarf) and rhetoric (balagha). Having studied under many notable teachers including Shaykh Ahmad Taha Rayyan (may Allah have mercy on him), Shaykh Yasir Fahmy became the first American Azhari to teach in the renowned Al-Azhar Mosque in 2013.

Through his teaching, lecturing, mentorship, and religious leadership, Shaykh Yasir aims to foster love for the deen and appreciation of the vast richness of Islamic tradition in new generations of American Muslims.

Executive Team

Hassan Ahmad
Ahmad Yousaf
Atif Rehman
Attiq Amjad
Munther El-Alami
Ammar Idelbi
Hatim Mahmoud
Ust. Zaied Abbassi

Coordination Team

Hassan Ahamd
Munther El-Alami
Ammar Idelbi
Sameera Iqbal
Lana Baghal
Ibraheem Othman
Attiq Amjad

Advisory Board

Ust. Zaied Abbassi
Shaun Ahmad
Ahmad Fahmy
Amr El-Mosely
Yusufi Vali
Salma Kazmi