Developing Prophetic Lifestyles and Communities

Prophetic Living Programs are designed as a gradual process to build spiritually nourished individuals and strong, loving Muslim communities.

Our first step is knowledge (‘ilm) – firmly grounded in the unbroken chains of transmission of our scholarly tradition back to the Beloved ﷺ – through the Islamic Literacy Program. Our offerings aim to elevate Islamic spirituality and education in communities across America. They include a weekly Dhikr and Fikr program, Islamic literacy classes, college gatherings, and youth programs.

The next step is cultivating meaningful, intentional worship (‘ibada) and action (‘amal) through retreats and travels. Immersive Retreats are meant to take the teachings of Hadith Jibreel and apply them to seven defining parts of our lifestyles. The goal is to develop praxis that leads to behavioral alignment with the Prophetic example. The seven parts that make up our lives are consumption, employment, family, health, identity, social, and spiritual. Travel Programs provide an opportunity to absorb the blessings of special places in our Muslim faith and tradition, bring our experiences back to share with the larger community, and enrich our own perceptions of culture.  Our trips include umrah, as well as meaningful places that facilitated the flourishing of Islam and Muslims around the world.

The final step is beautifying our relations with our brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah through service (khidma) and companionship (suhba). Suhba Circles are gatherings where members strive to embody and practice the teachings of the Prophetic Living programs (education, retreats, travel, etc.) with the goal of behavioral alignment with the Prophetic example. Suhba Circles are geared towards people who have attended at least one Prophetic Living retreat or are ready for a more profound and ongoing commitment to personal spiritual development and investment in the community. Members of Suhba Circles invest in meaningful growth alongside righteous companionship to achieve Prophetic Living.  Our circles are oriented under the guidance of scholarship, consist of seven to nine families living in proximity, and commit to meeting periodically to build meaningful bonds, be of service to one another and the broader community, and further behavior change under the guidance of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ.